Many new clients wonder what the process will be to complete their project. At Force of Nature Design the process will always be the same regardless of the type or scope of your project. Here is what you can expect as a Force of Nature Design partner.

Initial Consultation (1 hour) – Your first one hour consultation is free – always. In this consultation we will discuss your ideas, goals, deadlines, and budget for your anticipated project. This is a phone or Skype consultation only. Any specific materials that will be discussed for updating or changing will need to be emailed to FOND prior to the consultation.

Project Brief, Quote, and Preliminary Timeline (1-2 days) – After the consultation you will receive a short document. The first part will be the project brief to make sure we agree on the project’s scope and deliverables. The second part will be the quote for the project. The final part will be a preliminary timeline to see what the turnaround time will be with estimated dates for when you will receive deliverables for review. (Please note: The timeline you receive in this step is preliminary and is subject to change if issues arise during the project. You will be promptly notified if there are any delays in the project.)

Project Quote Approval and Review of Contract (1-2 days) – Once you have approved the quote and chosen to partner with Force of Nature Design we will send the project contract outlining final project details, ownership of the deliverables, and cancellation information.

10% Down – You will be required to pay 10% of the project down prior to work starting. The down payment will be based off the quote and subtracted from the final invoice.

Work Begins (Dependent on timeline) – The length of time it takes for the project will be entirely dependent on the scope of the project and determined in the preliminary timeline. If there are any delays you will be notified promptly.

Regular Updates on Progress – Short projects, such as a logo design, usually have deliverables as updates. Longer projects, such as website design or a marketing plan, will have weekly updates. Any partners who sign on for a full year of service or continuous service, such as website maintenance, will get monthly updates unless more frequent updates are agreed upon in the contract.

First Sample Proof/Draft (Dependent on timeline) – You can expect most first proofs within one week of sending the down payment. If the first proof will take longer you will be notified and the timeline will be adjusted.

Two Rounds of Edits – Each project is allowed two rounds of edits. Any rounds of edits beyond two will be charged at the regular hourly rate and added to the invoice.

Finalized Project and Invoice Delivered (Dependent on timeline) – When you receive your final deliverables for your project you will also receive the invoice for the project. If you sign up for a full year or continuous service you will be billed on cycle listed in your contract. All payments are due on receipt via check, cash, or PayPal (additional fees apply). FOND currently does not accept credit cards.